Auto Accident Injury Treatment Questions and Answers

At Golden State Medical Center, our board-certified physicians and devoted team of medical professionals in San Ramon, CA have extensive training and experience in treating auto accident injuries! If you or someone you know have been involved in one, call us today or request an appointment online

Auto Accident Injury Treatment Near Me in San Ramon, CA
Auto Accident Injury Treatment Near Me in San Ramon, CA

Where can I find an auto accident injury clinic near San Ramon, California?

If you need medical attention for an auto accident injury and live or work near San Ramon, California, you can find what you are looking for and more at Golden State Medical Center! Our board-certified physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical rehabilitation therapy specialists are all under the same roof. All our providers discuss your case together and come up with a comprehensive care plan, that is specific for your injuries. This ensures you get the proper care you need to treat all the injuries you suffered. We specialize in integrative medicine. Our medical providers are trained in the most advanced and proven therapies for the most successful recovery from auto accident injuries. As such, we do not only focus on the symptoms of your auto accident injury, but we also correct the cause of those symptoms. Our Providers evaluate holistically, which means they are looking at how the injuries you have suffered, are affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. If holistic medical attention for your auto accident injury sounds beneficial to you, come, and visit us at 2551 San Ramon Valley Blvd, Suite 108, in San Ramon, California!

When should I seek medical attention after an auto accident?

Since symptoms from auto accident injuries do not always manifest right away, it is a good idea to seek medical attention, right away. This way, you can either rule out any injuries or be proactive in treating them. Moreover, seeking immediate medical attention after an auto accident is crucial if you have auto insurance! The longer you wait to receive medical attention for an auto accident injury, the less likely your insurance company will be willing to cover your medical bills, as they could make the argument that the injury is irrelevant or does not require medical treatment. As such, you should see a doctor as soon as possible after an auto accident, even if you do not appear to have suffered an injury.

Auto accidents can cause many types of injuries. Whiplash is the most known. However, there can be many more. Low back, mid back, upper back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and even foot and ankle injuries are all common as well. The extent of injuries are generally sprain/strain injuries to the muscles and ligaments that result in pain and joint dysfunction. These injuries can cause neck pain, back pain, headaches, arm pain/numbness, and/or leg pain/numbness. Left untreated these conditions frequently turn into chronic pain syndromes that can become permanent. Because symptoms may not show up right away, you may not realize you are injured. Many times, auto accident victims do not reach out for treatment because they do not feel the symptoms immediately or feel they are minor and will go away on their own. However, most research regarding injuries sustained in auto accidents shows that the prognosis of a full recovery is low and that the prognosis of rear end collisions, causing whiplash are the worst.

If you have recently been in a car accident, our auto accident injury doctors at Golden State Medical Center can provide excellent integrative treatment! To schedule an appointment with us, you can do so through our website or give us a call.

How do I know if I have whiplash?

Whiplash is the most common injury from an auto accident. Even if the accident is minor or you do not think you have been injured, there is a good chance that you will have experienced whiplash! The signs of whiplash do not always show up right away, as they can take a few days or even weeks to appear. That said, the most common signs of whiplash include pain and stiffness in your neck that worsens with movement. The range of motion in your neck will usually be quite limited with whiplash.

What treatment options are there for an auto accident injury at Golden State Medical Center?

As an integrative and regenerative medicine clinic, we provide a comprehensive and diverse range of services to recover from your auto accident injuries at Golden State Medical Center. As such, we have treatments to help alleviate your pain, restore, and rehabilitate functional mobility, regenerate damaged tissues, and help you regain mentally and emotionally from your auto accident injuries.

Medical liens from auto accident injuries

Golden State Medical Center will work with most attorneys, so that patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible, for their auto accident injuries. We understand how the symptoms you are experiencing, can stop you from enjoying your normal life activities. In fact, auto accidents are the most common cause of neck and back injuries. So, if you have been in an auto accident, call for an appointment today to see how we can help you to recover from your injuries, that you suffered. We serve patients from San Ramon CA, Dublin CA, Blackhawk CA, Danville CA, Alamo CA, Diablo CA, Dougherty CA, Tassajara CA, Livermore CA, and Pleasanton CA.