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Patient Reviews for Golden State Medical Center in San Ramon, CA

See what our patients say about Golden State Medical Center, our services, and our medical staff. For more details please contact us or book an appointment online.

Dr. Newman is very in touch with modern methodologies and always has your best interests in mind. He is patient, not in a rush and always listens to your concerns. He is very effective in his technique and won’t let you leave until you and he agree on the results of your visit. He also does therapy sessions above and beyond any other therapist I’ve been to, along with exercises to do at home to stretch or strengthen whatever you may need.

Don M.

I have been going to Dr. Newman for over 10 years and now my whole family goes! They are not just chiropractic, but overall wellness. If you are looking for someone to care about you as a person and how you are doing then this is the place for you.

Laura B.

I have been going to Newman Chiropractor for over 20 years. Enough said

Julie P.

Dr. Newman, he knows so much about sport injury; he even identified a torn meniscus. My Regular Physician had diagnosed as a Baker’s Cyst. Thus, I received the MRI and yes it confirmed I needed an operation on my torn meniscus. I have been seeing Dr. Newman for over 10 years: maintenance is my personal requirement and it works great for me. He is the only one I trust for my adjustments.

Sigrid J.

Been a patient for over 21 years.

Judy F.

I have been going to Dr. Newman for about 20 years now, whether it’s for my back, neck, knee or jaw. I recommend him highly! You can rest assured you will not leave his office until you are adjusted properly.

Ava B.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Newman for 30 years — I hardly ever need to, but once or twice a year my back spasms up on me badly, and just one or two visits and I’m good for another 6 to 12 months. Painless and effective. No meds.

Frank U.

Office always professional and friendly…thorough chiropractic care!

Karie B.