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Herniated Disc Specialist Questions and Answers

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Herniated Disc Specialist Near Me in San Ramon, CA
Herniated Disc Specialist Near Me in San Ramon, CA

What are spinal discs?

There are 23 spinal discs in the human spine. The function of the discs in your spine are mainly for shock absorption but also help with movement. The discs have two components to it, an outer tough fibrous layer called the annulus fibrosus and a spongy gelatin-like inner layer called the nucleus pulposus. By age 25 you lose the blood vessels to the disc. This is problematic since your discs rely on water and nutrients for healing injuries. After age 25 your discs rely solely on a passive diffusion process to get water and nutrients into the disc, to repair an injury. This process is called imbibition. Imbibition works by a pumping action that occurs when we move around, doing our daily activities. Water and nutrients are squeezed from adjacent vertebrae into the disc to heal any tear in the annulus fibrosus. This process does not work well for people that have sedentary jobs or have dysfunctional joints that are restricted in their motion.

How are spinal discs injured?

Although, you can injure a disc by trauma or a lifting injury. Research tells us it may be more common that disc injuries occur over a long period of time with prolonged flexion postures. The most common example of this would be sitting at a desk. Contributing factors would be deconditioned muscles, smoking, and being over-weight. Disc damage can vary from a small disc tear, disc bulge, or a disc herniation. A disc tear in the annuls fibrosus could heal on its own if the conditions for imbibition are intact or progress to a disc bulge. A disc bulge is when a tear is large enough to allow some of the inner layer of the disc (nucleus pulposus) to squeeze through the annulus fibrosus but does not protrude through the outermost layer of the annulus fibrosus. A disc herniation is when the inner layer of the disc now protrudes through the outermost layer, setting up an enormous inflammatory reaction.

What kind of symptoms can an injured disc cause?

Spinal discs have pain fibers located in them. As discs are damaged, inflammation occurs, and the fibers are excited causing pain. More seriously, the disc can protrude outwards from a severe injury or an accumulative injury(s) over time. This results in a more severe inflammatory reaction that can directly encroach upon a nerve, causing more intense symptoms down the length of the nerve. Symptoms usually depend on severity of damage. Examples are low back pain, gluteal pain, hip pain, leg pain, calf pain, leg numbness, muscle weakness, changes in bowel or bladder function, etc.

How do the doctors treat disc injuries?

The use of regenerative medicine has helped many patients, in decreasing the symptoms of lumbar disc injuries. Chiropractic doctors are expert in correcting dysfunctional joints that are a cause of many of the disc injury symptoms. Physical rehabilitation therapy helps to resolve the muscle weakness and tightness, which can be a cause for joint dysfunction in disc injuries.

How does regenerative medicine help disc injury sufferers?

Regenerative medicine is the most exciting branch of medicine that holds the hope for many disc injury sufferers. Current research suggests that HCTP and PRP can help decrease inflammation and increase regeneration of tissue. HCTP and PRP are both naturally occurring and have no known side-effects. Disc injuries can take up to 12 months to heal and many people with chronic disc injuries end up having surgery. It is the hope of researchers that regenerative medicine can help speed up the healing process.

How does chiropractic care help disc injury symptoms?

The cause of disc injury symptoms is usually inflammation resulting from torn cartilage and joint dysfunction (the joint moves too little or too much). Chiropractic care can help restore the process of imbibition by improving the motion between the vertebrae. This will allow water and nutrients to diffuse into the disc for potential healing. Chiropractic doctors are the experts in correcting the joint dysfunction in the spine that can be adding to the stress on the bulging/herniated discs. Correcting the joint dysfunction results in relief of pain and return to life’s activities.

How does physical rehabilitation therapy help disc injury symptoms?

Muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction are associated with disc injuries. They can be the cause of a disc injury or result from a disc injury, due to atrophy from disuse. This results in the muscles being very weak and tight causing more muscle imbalances. If not corrected immediately it may result in chronic pain and disability. Physical therapy rehabilitation can correct the muscle imbalance resulting in less inflammation and less pain.

How is regenerative medicine a breakthrough for disc injury sufferers?

Disc injury sufferers can become dependent on taking pain relief medications to get through their daily lives. These pain medications have many side-effects that can create more health problems. In addition, disc injury sufferers many times end up with chronic injuries, even after treatment. Regenerative medicine is natural and appears to be a more effective approach to not only pain relief, but to reduce inflammation, and regenerate healthier tissues without the dangerous side-effects of pain medications.

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